Me and my friend filled a balloon with helium and let it go next to the entrance of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. We did not ask for permission. The balloon levitated in the air for five days, about 8 metres above the ground. It wasn’t taken down, because it couldn’t be caught.

This video portrays an attack on my art department’s vending machine.

The prank was a fun exercise from the Creative Imagination Workshops.

Language and subtitles are in Polish, but the plot is pretty easy to follow.

Second semester of the Creative Imagination Workshops (WTW) in a nutshell.

Creating intricate objects from scrap, putting balloons in machines and just doing things.

Language and subtitles are in Polish.

The documentation of the first semester of the Creative Imagination Workshops(WTW).

Finding hidden uses in mundane objects, evolving ideas till the subject changes and creative problem solving.

Language and subtitles are in Polish.

A compilation of shenanigans from my 8th semester.

How to pass a course by only showing your screen? Make that screen look extremely professional.

Even though this is Adobe After Effects, there is no animation of any kind, just panels upon panels.

Making a useless machine from rubbish was fun.

My Masters Degree was an elaborate strategy to take control of room 13 in my department by stealing almost everything inside of it. This particular room is significant as it is, among other things, home to the Studio of Spatial Activities, led by professor Mirosław Bałka.

A performance in which I predict what people viewing my work will do.

A lot of preparation necessary to make it all work...

Woody Allen poster for a project.

It is a bit of a trailer, but makes more sense after seeing the film.

This images histogram (in the red area) looks like my face seen from the side.

With the right computer code, any photo can have this custom signature in it.

Video documentation of my HALCYON YEARS exhibition.


Trailer for an interactive installation. A collaborative project with Alexis Leandro Estrella
in which we erased peoples shadows that were cast by a projector's light.

Programmed computer graphics in which pixels create intricate structures

by following simple rules. They show how interferences accumulate over time in a visual way.

The subversive strategies I plan and kinetic sculptures I make are an attempt to exercise control over my surroundings. Operating under the restrictions and regulations that are present in any public space, I infiltrate my preselected location by exploiting loopholes that allow me to exhibit my art in a way which makes removing it difficult. I find this form of art to be an exciting and elating experience, due to the ever-present possibility of failure and the precise preparation necessary in order to minimize the risk of being caught. Given the fact that these operations are designed and executed in secrecy, I believe I present a unique approach to the creative process.




Przemysław Walczak a.k.a Felix

Graduated in 2015 (MA) from the Media Arts Faculty of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw with a distinction for his top-secret, subversive and pseudo-criminal work in which he successfully robbed his own department. He is a recipient of the Minister of Science and Higher Education Scholarship, teaches at the University of Social Sciences, is a graphics software specialist and assistant in his native department of Media Arts as well as an assistant curator and electronic communications specialist at the State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw.


His main interests include, but are not limited to - creativity, parkour, poker, building computers, horology, EDC (everyday carry), strategy, DIY, chess, Hi-Fi equipment and programming.